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Our Mission

Promoting the human rights of all persons with disabilities

HPOD is committed to enabling civil society, and especially persons with disabilities and their representative organizations to undertake informed human rights advocacy. We provide human rights training and education, facilitate the development of international law and policy, encourage inclusive development practices, share technical assistance on strategic litigation, and stimulate new thinking about the abilities of persons with disabilities and their human rights.


  • Works with individuals with disabilities as they advocate for themselves
  • Engages in ground-breaking scholarship on disability law, both internationally and at home in the U.S.
  • Advances instruction on disability law at leading academic institutions around the world
  • Informs innovative policy and legislative development by sharing our research and experience
  • Promotes full inclusion in school, work, and all other parts of society
  • Provides advocacy training to persons with disabilities and their allies
  • Empowers parents of children with disabilities to support and advocate for their children

Many people with disabilities do not yet know enough about their human rights or how to transform their communities to realize these rights. Likewise, many leaders of non-governmental organizations, governments, and the business community also do not yet fully understand about the rights of people with disabilities or how to champion them.

HPOD works to strengthen civil society and empower all people to make the changes needed in their communities to promote disability human rights. Much action is needed to ensure full equality for people with disabilities, including: raising awareness about these rights; promoting positive attitudes within and toward people with disabilities; writing and enforcing new national laws and policies; and undertaking inclusive development.

HPOD works to enable persons with disabilities to claim their full and equal human rights. HPOD endeavors to develop equitable societies that respect the equal autonomy and dignity of persons with disabilities. HPOD seeks to provide societies with a greater understanding of the capabilities of people with disabilities and how they contribute positively to their communities.

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